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Relatives of Noriega victims mixed on apology in Panama

June 25, 2015

PANAMA CITY (AP) — An apology by former dictator Manuel Noriega has gotten mixed reviews from relatives of victims of his military regime, which culminated in a 1989 U.S. invasion.

Noriega apologized in a jailhouse interview to those “offended, affected, injured or humiliated” during the regime that he began serving as a low-ranking officer in the 1960s.

He didn’t comment on any specific abuses, which is what many victims’ relatives had wanted.

Kilmara Mendizabal is the sister of a young man disappeared by authorities during the Noriega regime.

Mendizabal said Thursday the apology was important, but said “Noriega should say where the remains are of every person disappeared under the dictatorship.”

Karina Ortega is the daughter of a sergeant killed after a failed 1989 uprising. She said she didn’t think the apology was sincere.

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