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Colonel Reprimanded For Keeping Secret Papers At Home

April 29, 1985

LONDON (AP) _ A colonel in the British Army’s elite Special Air Service regiment was given a reprimand in a court-martial Monday after he pleaded guilty to six charges of keeping documents at home in violation of the Official Secrets Act.

Col. Richard Lea, 51, kept more than 150 documents at home in violation of the law, according to charges read before a five-judge panel at London’s Chelsea Barracks. All but 15 minutes of the eight-hour court-martial hearing took place in closed session.

The documents were found at Lea’s home in Tunbridge Wells, 30 miles southeast of London.

The Daily Star newspaper reported Monday that the documents related to Lea’s service with the SAS in Northern Ireland. The officer led missions against the Irish Republican Army, the newspaper said.

None of the documents was leaked to outsiders, said the Daily Star, which did not say where it got its information.

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