BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ The president of a leading soccer team is being held for questioning on suspicion he participated in kidnapping and setting up right-wing paramilitary groups, prosecutors said Thursday.

Gustavo Upegui of the first division Envigado club was detained near Medellin, Colombia's second largest city. Prosecutors said they would decide within ten days whether to charge or release him.

They gave no further details about Upegui's suspected involvement in kidnapping or with the rightists militias.

Colombian soccer executives, coaches and players have been implicated in numerous criminal investigations, mainly about the influence of drug money on the sport. Until recently, drug traffickers owned many of the top teams.

A former president of the national soccer league, Juan Jose Bellini, was released from prison last month after completing half of a six year term for illegal enrichment from drug trafficking.

Prosecutors have also summoned Francisco Maturana, a Colombian who coached his country's World Cup teams in Italy and United States and now coaches Costa Rica, for questioning about reportedly receiving payoffs from the Cali drug cartel.