Walgreens employees prevented common con with phone call, police say

August 1, 2018

The victim of a phone scam in Madison could have lost up to $300, police say.

A would-be victim of a common scam and two Walgreens employees stopped a fraud attempt in progress earlier this month, police reported.

The con artist was foiled July 2 when an employee and a manager at a Walgreens on Madison’s Southeast Side stopped a 59-year-old woman from buying $300 in MoneyPak prepaid cards to pay an outstanding bill to a man posing as a Madison Gas and Electric employee, said the Madison Police Department’s Joel DeSpain in a police report.

The report said it took the Walgreens employee just a short conversation with the woman and two calls — to a Walgreens manager and to the gas company — to reveal that the man who had called her was not an MGE employee but a common fraudster.

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