Landing an internship

November 18, 2018

Working hard with no pay isn’t exactly ideal, but it can be crucial to your future success. By choosing the right internship, you can set yourself up with vital experience, lasting connections and even a chance to land that first full-time gig.

An internship is a big commitment, so make sure you have the availability and energy to pursue one.

Most companies understand the constraints on your time and are willing to work around your schedule. Find an internship that is not only flexible, but also in line with your objectives and strengths.

On-the-Job Experience

There is no substitute for learning real-world job requirements and duties on the job. An internship affords this opportunity to aspiring professionals across all industries.

Garnering hands-on experience will either solidify your passion for pursuing your targeted career, or convince you to change your direction. Either result will benefit you in the end as you continue your educational journey.


Managers and directors are sometimes more willing to share insight with an intern because they were likely once in the same position. Take their guidance to heart.

They have been there and done that, and are excellent sources for honest advice.

And don’t just focus on the managers and employees in your department. Branch out and make connections across business lines. This will help you gain an understanding of how companies operate, and will also help you cultivate and strengthen relationships with a diverse set of established professionals.

First Job

Many times, internships are followed by promotions into full-time positions within the same company.

You can impress your way into a permanent job by picking up extra duties, asking the right questions and performing and conveying an enthusiastic willingness to learn.

As your internship progresses, don’t be afraid to ask your manager about the possibility of being hired full-time. Don’t make a habit out of it though – just ask once and let your performance speak for itself.

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