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4 things Cory Booker will focus on in the Senate

November 5, 2014

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, who won his first full six-year term, called on lawmakers in Washington to put partisan differences aside and to get to work on a struggling economy.

Booker defeated Republican challenger Jeff Bell on Tuesday.

Here’s a look at what Booker wants to focus on in Washington from the highlights of his fiery victory speech.


Booker pointed to the nation’s tax system on Tuesday, saying businesses “feel crushed by taxes.” He added: “My message to you is clear: we have work to do. This economy is still moving along but not fast enough.”


During the campaign, Booker highlighted what he cast as the country’s lagging infrastructure. He also said he wants to find ways to fund infrastructure projects, adding he already is considering ways to do that. On Tuesday, he lamented that the United States “used to have the best infrastructure.”


Booker worried about the state of schools in the country and the state, saying the nation was once a leader in education “but now we lead in incarceration.” He has previously called for making higher education more affordable, and has co-sponsored bills in the Senate that aim to cut interest rates for graduates.


Hitting on a campaign theme, Booker said he was not going to Washington to be a “Democratic” senator but rather the state’s representative. He also called attention to a large American flag behind where he spoke and said America should define itself by the “greatness” the flag represents.

“We’re falling back. We’re falling back on the list,” he said. “America must lead again.”

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