Electric cars key to greener future -- Jane McCurry

May 3, 2019

I would like to respond to the concerns raised in the April 30 letter to the editor “ Charging stations a poor investment.

Electric vehicles are a practical and clean means of transportation today and will dominate the transportation market in the very near future.

Over 80% of electric-car charging happens overnight at home, and the vast majority of driving is well within the range of electric cars. Still, Wisconsin needs to be ready to support these cars for long-distance travel.

No matter where you live in Wisconsin, driving an electric car produces fewer emissions than driving on gasoline. Electric vehicles will be even better for our environment soon, with momentum behind utility-scale solar and wind energy, including recent approvals that will increase Wisconsin solar energy production five-fold.

The governor has already proposed, and we hope the Legislature will support, using $15 million of the available $25 million in Volkswagen Settlement funding for improving public transportation. It is critical, however, that the remaining $10 million be used to jump-start the electric vehicle market for everyone in the state, not just urban areas where public transportation is most efficient.

Just like paving the roads allowed everyone to get a gas-powered car, a network of fast re-chargers will kickstart a whole new market of high-tech, clean transportation. These charging stations can fill up your battery in about 30 minutes and will make it easy for Wisconsin drivers to choose the clean and convenient option -- to drive electric.

Jane McCurry, RENEW Wisconsin