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Police: 2 people twice robbed home of hospitalized veteran

April 11, 2019

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — Two people police say twice robbed the home of a disabled Vietnam veteran while he was hospitalized after being burned in a fire have pleaded not guilty and been released on $1,000 bail.

Marlborough police say 35-year-old Joseph Migliaccio and 31-year-old Sarah Hampton, both of Sudbury, were arrested Wednesday and charged with breaking and entering and larceny in connection with burglaries last weekend at 68-year-old Gene Rano’s home. They were arraigned Thursday.

Rano’s son caught two people on security video breaking into the home and removing valuables.

Rano, who uses a wheelchair, was severely burned April 2 while burning brush in his yard.

Police say the suspects were acquainted with Rano and knew he wasn’t home.

Migliaccio said he and Hampton are Rano’s friends and had permission to remove the items.