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Commission Named to Investigate Mexico Assassination

April 21, 1994

MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Five distinguished Mexicans have been appointed to clear up doubts surrounding the March 23 assassination of the ruling party’s presidential candidate.

President Carlos Salinas de Gortari named the special commission Wednesday and said it would work with special prosecutor Miguel Montes, named shortly after Luis Donaldo Colosio was gunned down at a campaign rally.

Although Mario Aburto Martinez has confessed to the shooting and said he acted alone, three men hired for crowd control at the rally have been charged as co-conspirators.

Authorities say only one bullet was found even though Colosio was hit twice. Many Mexicans refuse to believe Aburto acted alone.

The commission will be made up of Carlos Payan, director of the newspaper La Jornada, often critical of the government, Fernando Gomez Mont, Agustin Santamaria, a respected jurist, and Leonel Godoy and Agustin Basave, opposition party deputies.

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