9. Naperville, Illinois

February 16, 2019

Photo Credit: Steve Cukrov / Alamy Stock Photo

Overall health score: 81.4Physically healthy at least 14 days in a month: 91.7%Mentally healthy at least 14 days in a month: 91.6%Sufficient sleep (>7 hours/night): 70.5%Physically active: 83.2%Health insurance coverage rate: 93.2%Binge drinking rate: 21.5%Smoking rate: 11.9%Obesity rate: 26.2%

Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, residents of Naperville have access to a wide range of outdoor activities, including two golf courses, four sports complexes and over 130 separate parks. Naperville has the fifth highest share of mentally healthy residents out of any city, though it also ranks eighth in the nation for the share of residents who binge drink.