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Witness Called Friday in O.J. Simpson Murder Trial

February 4, 1995

Witnesses called Friday in the O.J. Simpson trial:

ROBERT LERNER: Los Angeles police officer who responded to 911 domestic-violence call from Nicole Brown Simpson’s home on Oct. 25, 1993; said she was upset and scared, but had no visible injuries, and Simpson was agitated.

CATHERINE BOE: Neighbor who lived next door to Ms. Simpson in 1992; said she tried to convince Simpson that Ms. Simpson wasn’t having an affair with a man who lived in the spare room of her house.

CARL COLBY: Boe’s husband; said he called 911 in April 1992 because he spotted a suspicious-looking man seemingly trying to peer into Ms. Simpson’s home late one night; said he was embarrassed when he realized it was Simpson.

DENISE BROWN: Ms. Simpson’s older sister; tearfully related an incident during the late 1980s in which Simpson grabbed Ms. Simpson’s crotch in the middle of a crowded bar and declared, ``This belongs to me;″ also testified that Simpson hurled Ms. Simpson against a wall during a blowup at his mansion and threw her out of the house.

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