Ag Field Day held to present importance of agriculture

September 13, 2018

MANTI — The 21st Annual Ag Field Day event for Sanpete County third grade students took place Sept. 5 at the Sanpete County Fairgrounds. Sponsored by the Sanpete County Farm Bureau, the program is still going strong.

The goal is to give all third grade students of the county an opportunity to learn about agriculture and how it affects them in their daily lives, especially in ways that they don’t always think about.

Students moved through a series of classes, activities and presentations. Darrel and Corrine Olsen from the Sanpete County Fair’s Fun on the Farm come out and run a hands on exhibit highlighting how food is grown and raised.

The students pull wool, rope dummy steers, learn about raising meat and eggs, and even get to ‘plant’ a seed and harvest plastic fruit and vegetables.

At the end of the exhibit, the students turn in their crops for play money that allows them to buy something from the store as they leave. This helps the children learn how agriculture is a vital component of the economy and everyday life.

Part of the event was a safety presentation put on by AJ Ferguson, who is the Farm Bureau VP of Safety. He taught the children how to be safe in and out of tractors, which are great tools to have in the agricultural community.

Ferguson also demonstrated the dangers of playing on tractors by throwing a straw dummy onto the PTO of a tractor. It makes quite an impression, as hay is thrown for a dozen yards on each side of the tractor.

Growers and experts from around the county put on the classes during the day. The students get to learn the difference between dairy cattle and beef cattle, how sheep are sheared and how the wool is used, the importance of agriculture, how everything comes from seeds and how water conservation affects farmer’s crops.

It is hoped that the children have an eye-opening opportunity to connect and identify with the agricultural community. The amazing teachers that are willing to come out and support the program each year are greatly appreciated.

Utah State offers an Ag in the Classroom program that can help school teachers to continue to tie into their lessons what the students learned during Ag Field Day.

The Sanpete County Farm Bureau enjoys being a part of the education of the country’s future growers, policy makers and leaders.

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