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On the Light Side

May 24, 1989

POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) _ Governors get all kinds of mail, but the postcard from a climbers’ base camp on Mount Everest was a new twist for Gov. Cecil Andrus.

Climber Tom Whittaker, one of three Pocatello residents in a party trying to scale the world’s highest peak, advised the governor the trek is going well ″despite high winds.″

″I’m having a blast,″ Whittaker said in the missive from the 23,500-foot base camp in Nepal. ″It’s still a long way to the top, but there are no complaints.″

Before Whittaker and Jeff and Kellie Rhoads, all graduates of Idaho State University, left for the climb, Andrus gave them an Idaho state flag to plant at the summit.

Whittaker said two members of the party had already recovered from flu.


NEW YORK (AP) - Most U.S. Postal Service customers realize it’s going to take a few days for their mail to reach its destination, but some New York City residents believe 23 days between pickups is a bit much.

Mortgage payments, parking ticket fines and ″a whole stack of Mother’s Day cards″ on Tuesday came tumbling from an overstuffed mailbox that apparently hadn’t been emptied for more than three weeks, said Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-N.Y.

The congressman’s staff looked into the problem after constituents complained they were receiving past due notices for things they knew they had paid.

Ackerman said all but one of the post cards his staff members mailed from mailboxes in the Queens neighborhood to his Washington office arrived, enabling them to pinpoint the forgotten mailbox.

Four hundred pieces of mail were retrieved from the box, including some stamped with the date by a postage meter.

″There was a whole stack of Mothers’ Day cards,″ he said. ″I guess some mothers are wondering why they were forgotten.″

The congressman said he asked the local postmaster to write a letter that people who might have incurred late payment penalties could send to their creditors.

They were also considering marking the mail as delayed, although, Ackerman said, ″They don’t have a stamp that says, ’Oops, We forgot your mailbox existed.‴

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