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Israel Says Two Palestinians Killed In Clash

April 14, 1991

SIDON, Lebanon (AP) _ Israeli troops clashed with Arab guerrillas on Sunday in southern Lebanon and both sides claimed to have killed at least some of their enemies.

The Israeli army command said two guerrillas were killed and that its own troops suffered no casualties.

The Palestinian group led by terrorist mastermind Abu Nidal said its guerrillas were involved in the clash and that all the members of the Israeli patrol were killed. The group, Fatah-Revolutionary Council, did not say how many soldiers there were.

A spokesman for the council in the southern port city of Sidon said the two guerrillas were part of a group that infiltrated the western sector of Israel’s self-proclaimed security zone in southern Lebanon.

The spokesman, Ghanem Saleh, said Israeli helicopters strafed the area where the clash took place.

The Israeli army gave no details about the confrontation.

Saleh said the guerrillas ambushed the Israeli soldiers in retaliation for Israel’s air raid Friday on a base manned by Abu Nidal men on the eastern edge of Sidon.

Four people were killed and nine wounded in the air strike, according to a police spokesman. He could not determine whether all the casualties were from Abu Nidal’s group.

Israel carved out the 440-square-mile zone in 1985 when it withdrew the bulk of its forces after occupying southern Lebanon for three years.

The zone is jointly patrolled by Israeli troops and the Israeli-financed South Lebanon Army militia.

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