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Corps Offers Ex-Marines Chance to Re-enlist to Fill Gulf Vacancies

January 9, 1991

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Marine Corps is offering former Marines a chance for re-enlistment and immediate assignment to jobs left vacant by the deployment in the Persian Gulf, an official said Wednesday.

The two-year term of service is open to former Marines with specific skills. The Marine Corps had been able to fill certain jobs through recruiting but Operation Desert Shield recently has forced the service to make the offer.

″This program is intended to authorize re-enlistment and immediate assignment of trained Marines to fill manpower requirements generated by Operation Desert Shield,″ said Maj. Nancy LaLuntas, a Marine spokesman.

The offer to former Marines began Dec. 19 and expires Jan. 31, although Ms. LaLuntas said the service would decide later this month on whether to continue the program past that date.

Former Marines must report no later than Feb. 1 and are limited to two years of service. They will not be considered for lateral moves within the service since they are being selected for specific skills.

″We are not actively soliciting prior enlisted Marines. We opened it up so that some people who may not be eligible would be able to enter,″ Ms. LaLuntas said.

None who answer the offer will have to take part in recruit training or boot camp, she said.

The offer is being made to former Marines nationwide and those interested are being told to contact their local Marine recruiter.

The Marine Corps had no figures on how many jobs needed to be filled and Ms. LaLuntas said it was too early to say how many former Marines have accepted the offer.

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