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Vandals Deface House of Convicted Spy

January 10, 1986

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) _ The house of John A. Walker Jr., vacant since June when he was charged with running a Soviet spy ring, has been defaced several times by vandals who have spray-painted a Communist symbol on the front wall and fired bullets through the windows, police say.

Police said Thursday that bullets had been fired through two windows.

A hammer and sickle, covered with the circle and bar of the international ″no″ symbol, was spray-painted on the front of the house, a neighbor said.

″It’s been on there two or three months,″ said William D. Kellam, who lives in the same block. ″They’ve torn the gutter off and knocked down the lamp post. But you never see anyone doing it. It always happens after I go to bed.″

The interior of the house was torn apart by federal agents shortly after Walker’s arrest. Using sledgehammers and crowbars, they ripped open walls, ceilings and floors in a hunt for possible hidden evidence.

Walker, 48, a retired Navy chief warrant officer and former private investigator, is serving two life terms plus 10 years at the Montgomery County Jail in Rockville, Md. He pleaded guilty to espionage and conspiracy charges in October.

Walker’s brother, Arthur J. Walker, and John Walker’s on Michael L. Walker, are also serving long prison terms for participating in the espionage ring. Jerry A. Whitworth, a Walker associate from Davis, Calif., faces numerous espionage charges.

Det. Dennis Johnson of the Norfolk Youth Bureau, which handles vandalism reports, said it is unclear when the damage was inflicted. He said it would be nearly impossible to determine who had defaced the house.

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