Downtown brewery opening date pushed back

September 19, 2018

Stone Hollow Brewing Company announced Monday evening that its anticipated opening date has been pushed back.

Todd Hydo made the announcement at Monday’s City Council Meeting. Hydo and his wife Soni own the Mercantile Building, where the brewery is set to open.

Todd Hydo is also a third-share owner of the brewing company. At the meeting, he said that they were initially hoping to open around Thanksgiving.

“We said Thanksgiving but I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’d like to be (open) maybe for the holidays like Christmas or even New Years,” Hydo said.

The brewing equipment is waiting to be moved from Lincoln to its new location in Beatrice, according to Hydo. But they are trying to finish some things in the building before they can be done.

“If you get on our Facebook page, you can see the nice shiny equipment sitting there,” Hydo said. “We are just kind of finishing up some loose ends with the building.”

Hydo said that they are awaiting the arrival of the equipment so they can get it set up in time to start brewing.

“There’s a lot of systems that need to be put in place, so we are probably hoping we’ll be making beer in November,” he said.

Some of their beers will take a week to 10 days to ferment, whereas others will take up to a year. Hydo said they’d like to have eight to 12 beers on tap, so there will be some waiting time for the brewery to open, from when it is completed to when the beer is ready for consumption.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, there was a public hearing for the brewery’s liquor licenses.

Chief of Police Bruce Lang said that they passed all of the background checks and there were not issues when looking into the licenses. One of the licenses was a class L, meaning that the brewing company would be allowed to make and sell their alcohol.

Lang said it has been sometime since he’s seen a class L license. Hydo added that not only will they be making beer, but they have licenses to make cider as well.

Two other businesses will also be opening in the Mercantile Building - a cigar shop and boutique.

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