Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 16, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the EMTs, ER doctors, and nurses and the ICU nurses of HRMC for saving Joe Fielder’s life and bringing him back to us. If not for the quick intervention and the hypothermia protocol he would be toast. Thank god for life flight.

Onions to “many” in this town for failing to recognize my daughter’s musical talent. Some of you thought she’d go nowhere professionally. Eat crow people! Annie’s currently ‘on tour’ in Oklahoma with legendary, “Pablo’s Dog.” They’ll play at Flap Jack Jim’s before heading to Texas for a 6-day gig.

Orchids to John’s Rock Garden along the wash trail! Somebody has been busy over the winter creating a beautiful, magical display. Such a wonderful surprise to come upon on the walk up! Bravo!

Onions to the “landscape” pro that provided an estimate and a start date. Never showed and refuses to return calls. Sadly way to common here.

Orchids to my sister Carol, for keeping me on the straight and narrow from time to time, something I could not do on my own. This chapter of my life has been the best. Ranger Terry

Onions to those complaining about unweeded yards. Try living with a yard filled with old unused junk. We have the money to clean the weeds and update our home, but never will.

Orchids to being able to cross the border and receive excellent dental care and prescription drugs both affordable for folks on a limited income.

Onions to the owner of the little flea bag ankle bitter that did his business in my drive way and not picking it up. If I catch you, there will be hell to pay, guaranteed.

Orchids to Dr. Noronha, Rhonda and Lacey at Cornerstone Family Health. We are so very fortunate to have this trio in our area. I have been blessed to be their patient. Dr. Noronha also made me aware of the school tax credit. Thank you so very much. Nadine

Onions to the whiner about gravel in the street after the rain. Get your butt up, grab a broom ,and deal with it. Exercise will do you good.

Orchids to my Dad Don Ford and our neighbor Jerry Trantham. Thank you for my beautiful, new gabion mailbox. You guys rock!

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