Administrators: No evidence Jordan students taunted soccer player about deceased dad

November 7, 2018

An investigation by Jordan High School officials has found that a mother’s claim that students taunted her son about his deceased father during a soccer match was unfounded.

Nancy Winkler took to Facebook over the weekend, claiming that Jordan fans yelled “Where’s your dad?” to her son, a goalie for Page High School. Winkler said her husband died three years ago after a battle with colon cancer.

Winkler claimed that Jordan High School students researched members of the opposing team in order to intimidate them on the field.

Jordan High School officials said that interviews with students, faculty members and parents in the stands found that students had indeed used information that Page High School students posted on social media to taunt them, but not in the way Winkler described.

Administrators said that two Jordan students and one former student followed some Page players on social media. From the stands, a group called the goalie’s name and made comments to another player about his sister and girlfriend. The group was admonished by an assistant coach following those comments, school officials said.

Game officials and school administrators said they did not witness any additional inappropriate behavior and none witnessed the alleged incident Winkler described.

Jordan administrators said students did yell the common taunt, “Who’s your daddy?” during the game, but the investigation into Winkler’s allegations, which included a review of group text messages among spectators, determined that those students were not aware that both Eric Winkler and another player on the team had lost their fathers.

“Principal Taylor’s investigation was unable to find evidence of the most severe allegations, but also indicates that a refresher in good sportsmanship would be helpful for the entire student body,” Jordan High School officials said in a statement.

Administrators said all Jordan students will complete a sportsmanship class from the National Federation of High School Sports before Thanksgiving.

School officials said that if additional evidence later shows that Jordan students specifically targeted personal tragedies of Page High School soccer players, the students will be disciplined.

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