Wyoming State Report Card gives rundown of Goshen County schools

January 5, 2019

TORRINGTON, Wyo. — Details about how Goshen County schools stack up are now available to parents, educators and the public through a user-friendly State Report Card website recently unrolled by the Wyoming Department of Education as part of a federal mandate under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

“Transparency and public engagement are two of the main tenets of the Every Student Succeeds Act,” Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow said in a press release announcing the website. “Our state report card gives everyone the ability to easily find information on their school and see how it compares to other schools in their district and across the state.”

The website can be found at wyomingmeasuresup.com, however, Goshen County School District #1 Superintendent Jean Chrostoski said that the district staff has also compiled the data into a report on the districts website at www.goshen1.org (Short link: https://bit.ly/2F8lrMm).


For the 2017-18 school year, GCSD#1 employed 157 teachers and 1,696 students were enrolled in the district’s 11 schools. The student body in the district was 51.24 percent female (869 students), and 48.76 percent male (827 students). Forty-five percent of students enrolled in the district were from low income families. Twelve percent were students with disabilities. Students who were “English learners,” were considered homeless, or were in foster care were all reported as less than one percent of the student body.

Lincoln Elementary: 263 students; 24 teachers

Trail Elementary: 276 students; 23 teachers

Torrington Middle School: 254 students; 25 teachers

Torrington High School: 362 students; 37 teachers

La Grange Elementary: 26 students; 5 teachers

Lingle-Ft. Laramie Elementary: 130 students; 14 teachers

Lingle-Ft. Laramie Middle School: 54 students; 13 teachers

Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School: 79 students; 20 teachers

Southeast Elementary: 117 students; 12 teachers

Southeast Junior High School: 31 students; 15 teachers

Southeast High School: 104 students; 20 teachers

School Performance

For Federal School Performance, achievement is measured using the Wyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress (WY-TOPP), a statewide assessment that measures language arts and math proficiency for students in grades three through 10. Participation rate for both assessment categories was more than 99 percent in 2017-18. According to the website, 45 percent of schools in the district are exceeding or meeting expectations.

“We don’t have any historical data, because this is a new assessment,” Chrostoski said. “All of this information is completely new in general.”

Data from 2017-18 shows that 53 percent of GCSD#1 students are proficient in English Language Arts, and 47 percent are proficient in math. English Learner proficiency was not reported, but the school district has a English Learner ratio of one to nine enrolled during testing.

For students in grades three through eight, the district reported a 55 percent of students are proficient in English Language Arts, which include reading, writing and listening — on-par with the state average. Sixty-three percent of the district’s non-high schools met the long term goal for English Language Arts Achievement.

For grades nine through 10, students scored 47-48 percent in English Language Arts Proficiency, close to the state average of 48 percent, with 67 percent of the district’s high schools meeting the goal.

For math proficiency, students in grades three through eight scored 47 percent, four percentage points below the state average of 51 percent. Twenty-five percent of the district’s elementary, middle and junior high schools met the long-term goal for math achievement. For grades nine to 10, 45-46 percent of students were proficient in math — three or four points better than the state average, however only 33 percent of the districts high schools met the long-term goal for math achievement.

“Overall, our buildings have performed quite well,” Chrostoski said. “We have a couple (schools) that are partially meeting expectations that we need to work on, and a few that are exceeding the expectations.”

Students in the district have an average ACT score at 19.5 percent. The average 4-year graduation rate for the district is 85.4 percent; 90.5 percent female and 81.5 percent male, with sixty percent of the district’s high schools meeting the long-term goal for students graduating on time.

The website reports that 76 students received the Hathaway Scholarship, a program which began in 2006 that awards scholarships to Wyoming high school graduates who go on to attend any public in-state community college or the University of Wyoming. The fund pays around $17 million to about 5,800 students every year.

Cost Per Student

In a breakdown of cost per-student from the 2016-17 school year, La Grange elementary came in at the most expensive with $26,364 per-student, while Lingle-Ft. Laramie Elementary was the least expensive with 16,731 per-student. While there is about a $10,000 difference in the cost per-student between the two, Chrostoski said that the cost is tied to how remote the school is, the need for busing, and the need for teachers to travel for special classes.

“La Grange averages between 20 and 25 students,” she said. “We have two and a half teachers out there that work on a daily basis, but we also have some teachers that come out for specials to do counseling, arts, and music, — that factors into the high per-pupil expenditure because it is an isolated school in La Grange.”

Dollars spent per-student at all the schools in the district are as follows:

1) La Grange Elementary - 25 students - $26,364

2) Lingle-Ft. Laramie Middle School - 47 students - $23,607

3) Southeast High School - 101 students - $21,908

4) Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School - 92 students - $21,319

5) Torrington High School - 356 students - $19,934

6) Southeast Junior High School - 47 students - $18,911

7) Torrington Middle School - 270 students - $18,356

8) Southeast Elementary - 119 students - $17,951

9) Trail Elementary - 264 students - $17,059

10) Lincoln Elementary - 262 students - $17,004

11) Lingle-Ft. Laramie Elementary - 140 students - $16,731

The State Report Card is an ongoing, annual requirement of the Every Student Succeeds Act, and will be updated and improved every year, according to the release.

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