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Libyan Radio Urges That American Consultants Be Killed

March 25, 1986

Undated (AP) _ Thousands of people staged an anti-American demonstration today in the Libyan capital, and Libya’s official radio urged that American ″spies″ serving as consultants in the Arab world be killed in retaliation for two days of U.S. attacks.

In Washington, U.S. administration officials said American warplanes flying in the disputed Gulf of Sidra today continued to attack Libyan naval and land- based missile forces.

After first reporting renewed Libyan missile fire on American aircraft the officials later said they could confirm no more than the six missile firings first reported Monday.

JANA, Libya’s official news agency, quoted Libyan leader Col. Moammar Khadafy as saying the ″brave confrontation″ with the United States would continue. The JANA dispatch was monitored in Rome.

Western European diplomats in Libya said several thousand people demonstrated for 90 minutes outside the Belgian Embassy in Tripoli, which handles U.S. interests in the Libyan capital. There were no incidents, and embassy operations were reported to be proceeding normally, the diplomats said.

The diplomats, who were reached by telephone from Rome, spoke on condition of anonymity.

The CBS Morning News showed footage of the protesters, carrying banners and placards, and chanting ″Down with America 3/8″ However, a CBS reporter in Tripoli said the demonstrators had only vague knowledge of the U.S.-Libyan fighting.

″We see suicide squads in every part of (Libya) carrying weapons and declaring that the battle with the enemy has begun,″ Libyan radio quoted a speaker at the Tripoli demonstration as saying.

The official Libyan radio, in a broadcast monitored in Cyprus, reported anti-American demonstrations today ″in every city and village″ of Libya. It carried what it said was live coverage of the Tripoli demonstration and a protest in Benghazi, a major city on the Gulf of Sidra.

During the broadcast, a radio commentator said: ″The Libyan masses proclaim their challenge to the United States fleet and its warplanes. Let the mad president of America know this.″

″We are a nation that does not fear death or threats,″ he said. ″Let this crazy and failed actor know that our land produces gant fighters who will transform the waters of the Mediterranean into a sea of blood.″

An Italian diplomat, Marco Tornetta, said by telephone that Tripoli was calm and that there had been no threats made against Americans in Libya or any other foreigners.

Tornetta said, however, that the Libyan army has been mobilized.

Meanwhile, Libya charged that American planes attacked a Libyan civilian vessel Monday, and that U.S. planes were shadowing civilian flights in an effort to get closer to the Libyan shore.

The official Libyan radio urged retaliation against American targets in a broadcast monitored by the British Broadcasting Company in London.

″The oil which America exploits and usurps should now be destroyed. The American bases in the Arab homeland should now be stormed,″ it said.

″American spies who were pushed forward as experts and consultants should now be executed, wherever they might be in the Arab homeland,″ it said.

A State Department official in Washington had no comment on he Libyan threats. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the latest U.S. estimates are that there are as few as 100 Americans in Libya.

On Monday, the U.S. attacked two guided-missile patrol boats and a Libyan missile site. Robert Sims, the Defense Department’s chief spokesman, said today U.S. jets again attacked radar installations at the Libyan city of Sirte and disabled at least two more Libyan patrol boats.

Sims said up to 12 missiles had been fired at U.S. planes since Monday,hen Libyan forces first attacked American planes flying inside Khadafy’s ″line of death.″ Later today, White House spokesman Larry Speakes said the United States could confirm only six missiles had been fired in all.

A Libyan radio report, monitored in Cyprus, said it had been learned that the Sirte missile site had suffered no damage. It did not elaborate.

JANA said in a dispatch that U.S. aircraft attacked tug boats sent to assist a ship that had been hit. JANA charged that the attack occurred at a time when Libyan forces refrained from intercepting a U.S. helicopter that was searching for two of three American planes that Libya claims it shot down on Monday.

The United States said none of its planes were shot down.

In another dispatch, JANA charged that U.S. warplanes were ″pursuing″ civilian planes flying from Europe to Africa in attempts to approach Libyan airspace.

The dispatch quoted ″reliable sources″ as saying the move ″seriously threatens the safety of the civilian flights in this region, the responsibility and consequences of which should be totally shouldered by the U.S. government.″

JANA said the U.S. warplanes were using the civilian planes ″as a cover and a means to come closer to Libyan airspace.″

In Damascus, the official Syrian Arab News Agency reported today that Khadafy has talked to Syrian President Hafez Assad twice by telephone since the hostilities began. It provided no details of the conversations.

JANA said Syrian Vice President Abdul-Halim Khaddam arrived in Tripoli today.

The U.S. Navy began conducting exercises off Libya’s coast in January in a ″show of resolve″ following terrorist attacks at airports in Rome and Vienna in which 20 people were killed, including five Americans.

President Reagan, who accused Khadafy of supporting the terrorist faction believed responsible for the Dec. 27 airport attacks, ordered Americans to leave Libya by Feb. 1 and imposed economic sanctions against the North African nation.

The latest U.S. exercises in the region began Saturday night, and the first U.S. warplanes flew south into the Gulf of Sidra - territory Khadafy claims for Libya - on late Sunday.

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