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Local Candidates on World Wide Web

October 7, 1997

LOGAN, Utah (AP) _ The mayoral campaign here may be local, but two candidates are taking it world wide with home pages on the Internet.

The web pages of Doug Thompson and Newel Daines have pictures and links to questions and answers outlining their platforms.

Thompson was the first Logan candidate to put up a page. In a news release, he said, ``I do not expect a tremendous number of people to access the site, but for those who do there is plenty of information about my positions and qualifications.″

He said he believes it’s important to be on the Internet.

``The information highway will soon be as important to Logan citizens as the asphalt highway. Access to the Internet is as critical as access to the interstate.″

Daines said he’s not sure how much his web page will help his campaign.

``I don’t know how big of an influence it is to voters,″ he said. ``You have to look at new problems with new solutions.″

Other candidates said they’re not interested in campaigning on the web or are still considering web pages.

The candidates’ web page addresses are http://www.mayordoug.org and http://www.daines.com.

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