Gerrymandering is just cheating -- Jim LaGro

May 18, 2019

Partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio are Republican efforts to stack the deck in their favor. Democrats in Maryland have done the same.

Career politicians who cling to power through partisan gerrymandering are -- let’s face it -- cheating. In sports, academics, business and any other area beyond politics, cheating is considered reprehensible. In many cases, cheating can have legal, financial and even career-ending repercussions.

That’s why parents teach their children to play fair. Robert Fulghum, in his best seller on life’s key lessons learned in kindergarten, includes playing fair among the essential norms of a civilized society.

So why do we tolerate cheating by our state’s Republican Legislature? Wisconsin deserves better.

Jim LaGro, Madison

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