Climate change should be top issue -- Tom Hirsch

August 27, 2018

The State Journal’s front-page article last week, “Trump balks at saving energy,” is another reminder that elections matter.

President Donald Trump made it clear during the campaign that he felt human-caused climate change was a hoax and that his administration would oppose efforts to address this existential crisis. True to his promises, we now see the administration’s efforts to undo the Clean Power Plan, to reverse the requirements for the auto industry to produce ever-more fuel efficient cars and, additionally, support for burning more petroleum products.

As the article pointed out, “Transportation is the single largest source of climate-changing emissions.”

Meteorologists once hesitant to ascribe major weather occurrences to human-caused climate change. Now they have developed the science to state that many events are either caused by or magnified by global warming due to increasing carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere.

Think about the many fires in the West. Think about sea levels rising and creating devastating coastal storm surges. Think about flooding in Houston and southern India due to hurricanes and other massive rain events.

These reports are not “fake news.” They are verifiable facts.

Elections are coming. Vote at the city, county, state and federal levels for candidates that will address the challenges of human-caused climate change.

Tom Hirsch, Madison

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