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LIMA, Peru (AP) _ Peru's former spy chief wants two CIA agents to testify on his behalf against charges that he masterminded a clandestine arms pipeline to Colombian guerrillas, a judge said Friday.

Judge Jimena Cayo said Vladimiro Montesinos' lawyer gave her the names of two CIA agents who the former spymaster claims will vouch for the fact that he had nothing to do with a ring that parachuted at least 10,000 assault rifles to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Montesinos says the CIA agents came to his headquarters ``to tell him that they had discovered the arms trafficking between Peru and Colombia,'' Cayo said. She declined to name the agents.

Montesinos' position is that if he had been involved in the arms trafficking, the CIA would not have told him about it, Cayo said.

No formal request had yet been made to obtain sworn statements from anyone in the CIA, she said.

Montesinos' lawyer, Gloria Aguero, could not immediately be reached. An official at the U.S. Embassy declined to comment.

A year ago, U.S. State Department officials said they had alerted Peru to the arms smuggling after Colombia's military captured scores of weapons traced back to a 1998 arms transaction between Peru and Jordan.

Cayo is one of six special anti-corruption judges investigating dozens of charges against Montesinos, ranging from influence peddling to running a paramilitary death squad, during his 10 years as disgraced ex-President Alberto Fujimori's top aide.

Peruvian investigators say Montesinos and his cronies in Peru's military amassed more than $260 million in illicit profits, mostly from alleged kickbacks on shady arms deals.