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Man Held In Stabbing Rampage, Three in Critical Condition

November 6, 1987

MIAMI (AP) _ A man armed with a pair of scissors and covered with blood went on a rampage after he stabbed a woman from his rooming house, attacking an elderly woman and a 5-year-old girl, police said.

Pierre Viovenel broke into several homes, and also tried to stab a little boy and a man who defended himself with a wrench during the Thursday evening spree, said Metro-Dade police spokesman Rey Valdes.

The girl, who was left impaled on the floor of her family’s apartment, was the last person attacked before two neighborhood men wrestled Viovenel, 26, to the ground and sat on him until police arrived, said Valdes.

All three victims were in extremely critical condition today at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Valdes said.

The rampage began with a fight late Thursday afternoon between Viovenel and France Beavior, 25, at their rooming house.

As the fight moved outside the rooming house, witnesses told police, Viovenel attacked Ms. Beavior with the scissors. She tried to fend him off by throwing stones, but he overcame her and stabbed her repeatedly in the head, witnesses said.

Viovenel then ran across the street and tried to stab a man working on his car, Valdes said. The man defended himself with a wrench, hitting Viovenel at least twice.

Viovenel returned to the boarding house and stabbed Ms. Beavior’s 65-year- old aunt, Eliot Beavoir, several times in the abdomen, Valdes said.

″He then ran down the street and chased a little boy trying to stab him, but the boy beat him inside his house and locked himself in,″ Valdes said.

Viovenel ″used the scissors to cut his way through a screen and opened the door,″ Valdes said. There the boy’s godmother confronted him, hitting him several times with her cane.

Viovenel fell to the floor a few feet from the 5-year-old girl and stabbed her in the stomach, pinning her to the floor, Valdes said. The girl was not identified.

Viovenel then ran out of the house, now unarmed. After trying to break into another house and failing, he went to yet another house and ″tried to lure a little child out of the house,″ the spokesman said.

″He then went to another house in which the door was partially open, he went inside and locked himself in a bedroom,″ Valdes said.

The owner of the home, Jesus Santiago and his teen-age son, subdued him until police arrived, Valdes said.

Viovenel was being held in the Dade County Jail on three counts of attempted murder, as well as three counts of burglary, the spokesman said.

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