Letters To The Editor 5/24/2019

May 24, 2019

Orange menace

Editor: I am a Carbondale native who moved away from the area nearly 40 years ago but recently returned.

Now that I am back, I have an urgent plea to my fellow Pennsylvanians: Whether you lean toward red or blue, please do not make the mistake of going orange again.

Perhaps you were ignorant of the liar some of us knew the orange one was for decades. After two-plus years of more than 10,000 lies and counting, undermining our institutions, abandoning our allies and the rule of law, emboldening racists, cutting taxes for the wealthy and countless other wrongs, it is mystifying that any thinking person can still support the orange one.

I didn’t need a voluminous report to convince me that he obstructed justice. I saw with my own eyes when he fired the FBI director and went on TV and admitted it was because of the Russia probe. It is also clear to me that the orange one is a traitor when I saw him in Helsinki say that he believed a murderous dictator who told him that Russia did not attack America’s election over the clear conclusions of our own intelligence agencies. The orange one has been enabled by members of his party, cowards who love their job security more than their country.

Impeachment should have taken place long ago. We may have no choice but to vote him out of office. Ultimately, if there is any fairness or justice in this world, the orange one will end up in an orange jumpsuit for a long time.

Hundreds of prosecutors agree that he has broken the law. But until then, please reject the orange one and his party before America loses its soul entirely.




NRA industry’s tool

Editor: Edward Zindell (“NRA’s bad rap,” May 7) is proud of what he thinks the NRA does to help people use guns safely, but seems unaware of his group’s real purpose.

Zindell probably wrote his letter before the NRA’s annual meeting in Indianapolis. But prior to, during, and after it the media — The Times/Tribune — widely reported the type of information I shared in my last letter (“Another NRA loss,” April 28). He said he had never heard about the NRA beating up on the talking trains from the children’s television show “Thomas & Friends,” which the NRA outfitted with Ku Klux Klan hoods. He must have missed the video on the NRA’s channel in which spokesperson Dana Loesch complained about diversity in the children’s cartoon show.

He denied that the NRA is funded largely by the gun industry, though plenty of sources support my claim. For example, Business Insider, a neutral business journal, reported that less than half of the NRA’s revenues come from program fees and membership dues. Most comes from gun industry sources. For example, the industry and its corporate allies give millions through the NRA’s Ring of Freedom program and buy millions of dollars of ads in NRA publications. While it portrays itself as protecting gun owners’ freedoms, it actually protects the freedom of the gun industry to manufacture and sell virtually any weapon or accessory, including military-style assault weapons often favored by mass murderers. Clearly, there is a symbiotic relationship between the organization and the industry.

He also missed the statement made by Carolyn Meadows, the NRA’s new president. Meadows, a slightly racist uber-Christian, thinks the NRA’s primary task has nothing to do with gun safety. It’s to do God’s work, including re-electing President Donald Trump. Is that why he pays his dues?



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