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Accused Spy Chin Owns $700,000 in Property, Report Says

January 11, 1986

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Larry Wu-Tai Chin, accused of spying for more than 30 years for China, owns real estate valued at more than $700,000 in Virginia, Maryland and Las Vegas, a published report said Saturday.

The property includes seven condominium apartments in Prince George’s County, Md.; six row houses in Baltimore; six condominium apartments in Alexandria, Va.; a condominium and a town house in Prince William County, Va.; and two condominium apartments in Las Vegas, according to a report in the Washington Post.

The value of the properties, under current appraisals, range from $22,200 for the Prince William County condominium to $72,700 for one of the Alexandria apartments, the Post said.

Chin, 63, retired as an analyst from the CIA in 1981 as a GS 13, a job level at which the maximum salary was $43,666.

Chin told friends that he purchased his properties with earnings he had won by using a mathematical system to play blackjack.

But federal authorities have said Chin received nearly $200,000 from the Chinese for his alleged spying.

The Post said Chin was part of a group of 20 investors who sold 430 acres of land in Merced County, Calif., for $709,000. In May 1984, he also sold a three-bedroom house in Santa Rosa, Calif., for $75,000, the newspaper reported.

Chin, arrested Nov. 22 by the FBI, is charged with 17 counts of conspiracy, espionage, and income tax and financial reporting violations.

His trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 4.

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