City parcel on north side can be developed after college decision

December 6, 2018

JEFFERSON -- With the proposed College of Osteopathic Medicine now interested in locating on the southwest side of Jefferson, a 100-acre city-owned parcel on Jefferson’s north side, originally set aside for the school, is back in play for development.

At Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Jefferson Common Council, aldermen were provided with a presentation on what that parcel has to offer in terms of further northward expansion of the city’s North Industrial Park.

Work completed, or almost complete, to date in the study of the site and its potential for development includes a preliminary assessment regarding financial viability of TID 9 and wetland determination/delineation. Those concerned are now awaiting concurrence on the wetland matters by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources this winter, or in spring of 2019. Partially complete is a topographic survey of the southern half of the North Industrial Park. The work was contracted with Town & Country Engineering and will be completed in one week.

The site already has an interested potential occupant, that being Highway Landscapers, Inc., with facilities already in Jefferson and Kaukauna.

The anticipated design timeline for the land is:

-- Dec. 14, topographic survey completed.

-- Dec. 18, approved engineering contracts for design and soils analysis.

-- December 2018/January 2019, engineering design of North Parkway extension and grading within Phase 1.

-- February 2019, bidding of the project in two packages, one for mass grading and one for roadway extension with utilities.

-- March 2019, bid opening for both packages and awarding of bids at the March 19, 2019, common council meeting.

-- Winter 2019 or March/April 2019 Wisconsin DNR approval of wetland delineation.

-- Immediately following DNR approval of wetland, submittal of Chapter 30 permit for wetland fill with approximately 15 working days for approval.

-- April/May 2019, erosion control permit issued to allow mass grading of site.

-- May 2019, platting of roadway and lot.

The anticipated construction timeline is:

-- May 2019, mass grading begins on southerly lots and roughing in of street alignment.

-- June 2019, roadway and utility work should begin after Chapter 30 permit is approved.

-- July 2019, lots roughed in, allowing for Highway Landscapers to begin construction.

-- October/November 2019, roadway construction for phase 1 complete and surface is paved.

-- November/December 2019, anticipated occupancy of Highway Landscapers on Lot 1.

According to Jefferson Mayor Dale Oppermann, Highway Landscapers, Inc. wishes to relocate to the North Industrial Park from its current, landlocked site in the Collins Road area on the city’s south side to allow for anticipated growth of the business.

Also Tuesday, the council received an update on the Jefferson Police Department/Jefferson Utilities renovation project and learned the work is on schedule and within budget.

Claire Scholten was hired as a full-time administrative assistant in the city’s administrative department. Jameson Hoff was hired as a part-time Jefferson Police Department patrol officer.

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