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Seven Injured In Gasoline Bomb Attacks; Black Schools Set On Fire With PM-South Africa, Bjt

January 9, 1987

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) _ Gasoline bomb attacks at three houses in a black area near the Indian Ocean port city of Durban injured seven people, including four children, the government said today.

The Bureau for Information, the main source of news on unrest under state of emergency censorship regulations, said the attacks occured Thursday evening in Chesterville.

A bomb exploded today at a downtown Johannesburg supermarket, but there were no reports of injuries. Witnesses and security guards said the store had been evacuated prior to the explosion.

The store, an OK Bazaar supermarket, is part of a nationwide chain that has been for the past three weeks the object of a strike by employees demanding higher pay.

″There was a bombing,″ said a spokeswoman at the government’s information bureau in Pretoria. Witnesses said they heard two explosions, but the spokeswoman said that couldn’t be confirmed.

The store had been evacuated 15 to 30 minutes before the explosion, said witnesses and store guards.

The government said two of the four children aged 2 to 6 and two women were seriously burned in the Thursday night attack. The bureau said two white policemen broke down a door of one of the houses and rescued a child inside.

Elsewhere Thursday, the bureau said ″radicals″ set fire to an undisclosed number of black schools near Cape Town and Johannesburg. Some of the schools were extensively damaged, but there were no arrests. The bureau provided no other details.

Militant black students began returning to classes Wednesday after anti- apartheid organizations urged them to end two years of boycotts that had failed to produce educational reforms.

School boycotts have been a major element in the black uprising that began in September 1984 against apartheid and has cost more than 2,300 lives.

The independent South African Press Association said two black policemen were shot and wounded when they confronted a gunman on a train near Durban. It said the man jumped off the train and ran toward a chemical plant, where he shot and seriously wounded a white policeman, before running away.

By law and custom, apartheid establishes a racially segregated society in which the 24-million black majority has no vote in national affairs. The 5- million white minority controls the economy and maintains separate districts, schools and health services.

Censorship rules imposed under the 7-month-old state of emergency ban or restrict reporting of unrest, security force actions, treatment of detainees, most forms of peaceful protest and a broad range of statements the white government considers subversive.

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