District 1

Name: Saiki, Patricia F.

Party: GOP

Income: $165,346 to $215,342

Total Honoraria: $2,500

Honoraria given to charity: None

Assets: $740,008 to $1,480,000 and up

Liabilities: $30,001 to $100,000

Saiki lists directors fees from Amfac, Inc., totaling $40,912. Spokesman Bob Wernet said she retired from the board Nov. 18 when the company was sold and fees were unusually high because there were so many meetings during the final months before the sale. Saiki lists $16,623 in charitable donations to offset the director fees that would have taken her over the limit for allowable outside income, Wernet said.

District 2

Name: Akaka, Daniel K.

Form not available.