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WASHINGTON (AP) _ White House counselor Karen Hughes said Tuesday she's resigning from White House to return to Texas, but will continue advising President Bush from afar.

Hughes has worked for Bush since his days as Texas governor and is one of his closest confidants.

``Later this summer, I'm going to be changing the way in which I serve the president. My husband and I have made a difficult but we think right decision to move our family home back to Texas,'' Hughes said in a surprise announcement in the White House briefing room.

``Our roots are there,'' she said. ``I guess we're a little homesick.''

Hughes and political aide Karl Rove were critical to Bush's rise from a two-term Texas governor to the presidency.

Hughes said she plans to advise the White House from Texas on big-picture communication strategies, but will likely leave the federal payroll in the summer.

She made the decision now, Hughes said, because of a May 1 deadline to decide whether her son, Robert, would remain in Washington schools. She has a daughter in Austin. Her son traveled with Hughes aboard the campaign plane.

She said Bush was not surprised by the move. ``He accepted my decision and respected it,'' she said.

``The is a family friendly White House,'' she said. ``And this is a family-friendly decision.''