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On the Light Side

January 3, 1990

COGGON, Iowa (AP) _ Alligator owner and tavern proprietor James Schebler says mascot Crosby is a real pussycat, but the City Council refused to allow the bar to display the lounge lizard.

″There are a lot of dogs in town that are not maintained properly and are more of a danger than Crosby. If you maintain an animal properly, the danger is at a minimum,″ said Schebler, who bought Crosby’s Cove in Coggon four months ago and named it after his pet alligator.

Schebler wanted to keep the alligator, now 2 feet long, in the eastern Iowa bar to attract customers.

But the council Tuesday rejected Schebler’s request that the community’s dangerous pets ordinance be amended to allow alligators to be kept in the city as long as they are in a locked container.

Mayor James Pflughaupt Jr. told Schebler that before he could display the alligator in his bar, he would have to win a change in a state law that bars animals in establishments that sell food or drink.

Meanwhile, other problems surfaced for the reptile. During the council meeting, it was disclosed that Crosby is living in Cedar Rapids, which also has a dangerous animal ordinance that bans alligators within city limits.


CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) - A radio station in this Gulf Coast city has come up with a novel format and a catchy entry into the 1990s - playing nothing but songs recorded by the defunct rock group Led Zeppelin - 24 hours a day.

Beginning at the stroke of the new year, radio station WKRL-FM has been calling itself: ″The first all-Led Zeppelin radio station.″

The station first confused listeners on Sunday, the last day of 1989, by playing only the 1971 Led Zeppelin song ″Stairway to Heaven″ - over and over for 24 hours.

Before each playing of the song - which is among the most requested rock songs in radio - the station repeatedly announced: ″It’s coming tomorrow ... Your Stairway to Heaven station.″

The change followed the station’s purchase by Great American Broadcasting Co.

Led Zeppelin, a British group of the late 1960s and 1970s, fused blues, country and heavy metal music with dark lyricism. The band released 10 albums over 12 years. The foursome included lead singer Robert Plant, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Paul Jones on bass and keyboards and the late drummer John Bonham.