GOP needs a climate wake up call -- Mark Nesslar

September 26, 2018

Some of us conservatives understand that climate change is occurring, that we are contributing to it, and that we need to prepare for the changes that are coming. But we do not have a political party to support.

The science is clear and becoming clearer with each new storm. The majority of Americans understand it is real, and yet the GOP continues to loosen regulations that would slow our contribution of methane and carbon gasses. In our state, government scientists are limited in what they can say about climate change.

We, the majority, cannot financially compete with the donor class for our representatives’ attention. Our legislators would like to care about us, but they can’t afford it.

I don’t blame my representatives. The financing of our political system is broken. But we still have a voice. We have the vote.

My hope is conservatives who want action on climate change either vote for the Democrat or enter “no suitable candidate” as a write-in for each slot on the ballot in November. Only after a collective slap will the GOP hear us above the sound of the money from its big donors.

Mark Nesslar, Madison

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