NEW YORK (AP) _ After hearing from angry viewers, CBS's ``60 Minutes'' will present an alternative to Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

This Sunday, the newsmagazine will do a follow-up story about patients living with Lou Gehrig's disease after many of them complained about being demoralized when the network showed Kevorkian giving a lethal injection to an ALS sufferer.

The program sparked widespread debate about euthanasia last November when it aired a tape of Kevorkian administering drugs to Thomas Youk, a Michigan man with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

CBS also was criticized for airing videotape of a person dying on prime-time television, particularly since it came during a ``sweeps'' period when ratings are used to set advertising rates.

Largely unnoticed at the time was the ``furious'' reaction of other people with the disease, said Dr. Stan Appel, director of a treatment center for ALS patients at Baylor University.

``It angered a lot of our patients that the focus was so misplaced,'' Appel said.

Don Hewitt, executive producer for ``60 Minutes,'' said he and Mike Wallace decided to do the follow-up story after it was suggested to them by a caller on CNN's ``Larry King Live.''

Sunday's story, titled ``Choosing Life,'' will feature a handful of people who are living with the disease.

Viewers criticized ``60 Minutes'' because it ``never showed us people who made a choice other than Kevorkian,'' Hewitt said, ``and I thought that was a legitimate thing to show.''

The second story is not an indication that ``60 Minutes'' was having second thoughts about the Kevorkian segment, he said, nor does it indicate that its producers are particularly susceptible to public pressure.

Jerry Lewis, host of an annual Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon, was among the people who wrote to Hewitt complaining about the Kevorkian segment.

Lewis said it ``amplified the fear'' of people who have the disease or who will get a diagnosis of it in the future.