Orchids and Onions: Friday, August 24, 2018

August 25, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the doctors who should get more credit for what they do for us -- radiologists and pathologists at Havasu Regional Medical Center. Their skills help identify our medical issues. Say thank you to them more often.

Onions to the one with the microphone on Tuesdays. Time for a change.

Orchids to George Shelton and Samons Air Conditioning for rescuing us from the 90-degree interior home heat from a broken a/c unit. He arrived in the promised 30 minutes, was friendly and knowledgeable. Awesome service. The Boslers

Onions to residents who pile and park all their stuff that doesn’t fit in their house or garage on the sides, front, and backyards. Havasu is looking more like a used car/boat/trailer and junkyard every day. Sad there’s no enforcement to clean up our neighborhoods.

Orchids to Tristan at Verizon for his pleasant and efficient assistance to my daughter and myself in replacing my iPhone 6 for an 8.

Onions to people who don’t say “Please” and “Thank you” for even the smallest of reasons. Were you born in a barn?

Orchids to the girls at Starbucks at Smiths for your kindness, always giving me a glass of water while I shop even though I never buy any coffee. Old Veteran

Onions to the short order cook at the club who can’t seem to change his clothes or remove the grease-filled cap but has the audacity to needle and tease a senior. Time to clean house and disband the clique.

Orchids to the Metro Planning Organization for working toward bringing back public transportation to LHC. Please give them your support in getting this up and running!

Orchids to Affordable Landscaping for removal of a large tree and ugly cactus. They were fast, efficient and cleaned up as if the plants were never there.

Orchids to having the job fairs at Goodwill.

Onions to those who criticized the school board for lavish spending on the football field. The last time they received more money than they knew what to do with, they purchased a clinic. This time it was only a football field. I was relieved.

Orchids to David at the MVD for solving our registration problem. Thank you for being so thorough, helpful and funny. Really appreciated it.

Onions to the nonprofit that needs to learn how to treat the volunteers and staff helping out or these programs are no longer going to be around.

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