Milton defeats WHS gymnasts

January 10, 2019

The Watertown gymnastics team lost to Milton 133.225-128.95 in a Badger South Conference dual meet at Watertown High School on Tuesday.

“Our varsity team goal was a 124 and we exceeded that tonight,” Watertown co-gymnastics coach Jenna Wendt said. “We know we can be very competitive and we are working together to find our individual and team grooves.”

The Goslings started on the vault and scored 32.35.

Junior Julie Walter scored 7.75 with a half on half off vault.

Sophomore Rachael Sprenger scored 7.85 with a half on half off vault.

Freshman Lauryn Olson scored 8.1 with a half on handspring full off vault.

Junior Morgan Ellsworth scored 8.15 with a half on half off vault.

Freshman Meghan Hurtgen scored 8.25 with a half on half off vault to take third place.

“We started off good on vault and it helped set the tone for the rest of the night,” Wendt said. “However, Walter’s and Olson’s scores were a few tenths lower than usual.”

Watertown moved to the uneven bars and scored 30.05.

Sprenger scored 6.0 to set a personal best score and is really beginning to swing.

Ellsworth scored 6.95 and sophomore Ashley Campbell scored 7.25.

Sophomore Lauren Marks scored 7.8.

“She had a solid bar routine with no stops and is working hard on her form,” Wendt said.

Hurtgen scored 8.05 to finish in third place and set a personal best in the event.

The Goslings moved to the balance beam and scored 32.975.

Marks scored 6.8.

Karleigh Jacobs scored 7.2.

“She took a fall but got back up and finished with strong jump connections,” Wendt said.

Olson scored 8.225 to establish a new personal best.

“She started us off with a fabulous no fall routine,” Wendt said. “Her jumps were huge and she hit all of her connections, I am so happy for her.”

Ellsworth scored 8.65 with a fall.

“That’s a 9.15 beam routine if she stayed on tonight,” Wendt said. “She knows she has the potential and the judges just adore her high jumps.”

Hurtgen scored 8.9 to finish in second and set a personal best mark.

“She also knows she is right there for that 9 and she is sure to get it soon!,” Wendt said.

“We rocked beam tonight, I was so thrilled with our overall performance and a team score of 32.975. We have a lot of potential in this event and it takes everyone having a good beam day on the same day and that’s the hard part.”

Watertown closed with the floor exercise and scored 33.575.

Marks scored 7.75.

“She had an extremely high back tuck in her first pass which the judges liked,” Wendt said.

Jacobs scored 7.85.

“She has worked hard on her form within her first tumbling pass of two back hand springs and stepping out and it’s looking nice,” Wendt said.

Olson scored 8.18.

“She started off shaky in her first tumbling pass but then finished extremely strong,” Wendt said.

Ellsworth scored 8.6 to take second place with a new season-best score.

“She was very clean with her jumps tonight and had a lot of energy in her dance,” Wendt said.

Hurtgen scored 8.95 to win the event and set a new personal best. “She has really worked on putting her personality into her routine with smiling and getting into her routine more and it’s paid off,” Wendt said.

“Watertown ended the night on the signature floor exercise with a team score of 33.575 and that is right where we like to see our team score. All of the girls have worked extremely hard on making sure they get full credit for their jumps and jump connections and it’s really starting to pay off, the judges are noticing. The girls also smiled big and got into their dance which makes them so much fun to watch.”

In the all-around competition, Ellsworth took second with a score of 32.35 and Hurtgen was first with a personal-best mark of 34.15.

Watertown travels to Reedsburg for a dual meet on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 6:30 p.m.

JV falls: Watertown’s junior varsity lost to Milton 110.05-104.05.


Ella Faltersack 6.8

Savanna Schultz 6.75

Karleigh Jacobs 7.2

Lauren Marks 7.25

Ashley Campbell 7.95 taking 1st place


Savannah Schultz 2.65

Cassidy Brodeske 4.85

Julie Walter 5.85

Karleigh Jacobs 5.1

Ella Faltersack 4.2

Lauryn Olson 5.4


Asia Topel 4.8

Savannah Schultz 2.7

Julie Walter 6.5

Ella Faltersack 5.0

Rachael Sprenger 6.6

Ashley Campbell 6.4


Julie Walter 6.45

Savannah Schultz 6.7

Ella Faltersack 7.8 taking 2nd place

Ashely Campbell 7.5 taking 3rd place

Rachael Sprenger 7.15

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