Chase leads cops to home invasion

August 2, 2018

BRIDGEPORT - It began with a high-speed chase through the city’s streets, a 14-year-old boy at the wheel of a late-model Buick.

When police walked it back they discovered a home invasion at the house of a prominent upper East Side resident.

Wednesday night police arrested two men and the 14-year-old boy and charged them with the crime.

Edward Rivera-Brane, 20, of Anthony Street, and Christian Perez, 20, of Cowles Street, were charged with home invasion and first-degree robbery. Rivera-Brane was being held in lieu of $200,000 bond while Perez was being held in lieu of $150,000 bond.

The teen was turned over to state juvenile authorities.

On June 26, police said officers gave chase as the Buick sedan sped through the city’s East Side.

The pursuit led through the downtown, the cars zooming by frightened pedestrians, and into Black Rock where police said the Buick crashed into a garage on Grovers Avenue.

The teen was brought down following a foot chase with Lt. Chris LaMaine.

Asked where he had gotten the car, police said the teen spilled the beans.

The night before, he had met with Rivera-Brane and Perez. Police said the teen told them Rivera-Brane had pulled out a sketch of a house in the upper East Side showing the entry points and placement of video cameras. Rivera-Brane had done some work at the house, police said the teen told them.

At 11:30 that evening the two men and the teen drove to the area of the house and parked around the corner. The three then donned masks.

Rivera-Brane kicked in the rear door of the house and the three entered, yelling, “police.”

Police said the teen told them the homeowner was coming down the stairs when they confronted him.

“Did Edward put you up to this,” police said the teen told them the homeowner yelled, unaware that Rivera-Brane was one of the assailants.

Police said the teen told them they took $200 from the homeowner and Rivera-Brane handed him the keys for the Buick off a key rack.

Police said the homeowner later told them the men had taken $400 from him and had held him at gunpoint. The homeowner told them the men had also demanded his jewelry but he had refused to take it off.

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