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Magnus Carlsen’s hot chess play ranks with the game’s great streaks

David R. Sands The Washington TimesJune 5, 2019

Magnus Carlsen is on a roll.

The world’s best player is also the world’s hottest player, as the Norwegian world champ has run up a spectacular string of top-flight wins this spring, including four straight first-place finishes Tata Steel, Shamkir, Grenke and, last week, the rapid/blitz Grand Chess Tour event in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Streaks from Joe DiMaggio’s hits to Susan Lucci’s losses are funny things. Mathematicians tend to dismiss the idea that a competitor can get “hot” as something of a statistical freak. A penny that turns up heads 100 times in a row has no better odds of being heads on the 101st toss.

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