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Prosecutors Ask for Re-arrest of Suspect in Killing of Presidential Candidate

May 31, 1995

MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Prosecutors investigating last year’s killing of a presidential candidate want to rearrest and try a suspect released just last month.

Judicial authorities have eight days to rule on the request to reinstate charges against Tranqilino Sanchez Venegas, who was arrested as an accomplice in the March 23, 1994, killing of candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio.

The investigation of Colosio’s assassination has been marked by confusing turns, including flip-flops in the government’s theories about how many people were involved in the murder.

The gunman, who confessed, was sentenced last year.

Many Mexicans suspect the killing was part of a larger political conspiracy, possibly linked to rifts in the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party.

The judge who released Sanchez last month said there was not enough evidence to hold him. The prosecution promised to appeal, saying important evidence had been ignored.

Sanchez had been held more than a year on suspicion he was involved in Colosio’s murder at a Tijuana campaign rally.

Prosecutors said a videotape of the campaign rally where Colosio was shot showed Sanchez communicating with the gunman, Mario Aburto Martinez, and Rodolfo Mayoral, who arrested as a suspected accomplice.

Two witnesses said Sanchez appeared to clear the way for the gunshot to Colosio’s head, and lied about not knowing Aburto or Mayoral.

The prosecution says the judge who released Sanchez ignored testimony by a woman who says she was Aburto’s girlfriend and had seen Sanchez talking with him days before the killing.

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