BERLIN (AP) _ East Germany disbanded six tank regiments Tuesday as part of unilateral disarmament plans the communist nation announced earlier this year.

The regiments were located at six garrisons around the country, the official news agency ADN reported.

It said 600 T-54 and T-55 tanks would either be destroyed or converted for civilian use. It did not say what the civilian uses would be or how many tanks were deactivated Tuesday.

ADN also did not report how many soldiers were involved, but said 400 were in one of the regiments.

East Germany announced in January it would reduce its armed forces by 10,000 soldiers, 600 tanks and 50 fighter aircraft.

Some tanks were dismantling last summer and several hundred soldiers were transferred to reserve units, the agency reported.

Col. Gen. Horst Stechbarth said transferred soldiers would ''have a new task in the army or in the civilian economy.''

Maj. Gen. Manfred Jonischkies, the tank division's commander, said its anti-aircraft and anti-tank capabilities would be increased. He said the changes were being made under ''the terms of a Warsaw Pact treaty that calls for strategic changes that lead to a more defensive posture.''