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Arctic Adventurers Low on Supplies

April 7, 1998

RESOLUTE, Northwest Territories (AP) _ A British adventurer and his Norwegian companion huddled on the High Arctic ice Tuesday, nearly out of food and hoping the weather would allow an air drop of supplies.

``He says he’s surviving on pork scratchings (rinds) and noodle soup,″ said Robert Uhlig, a reporter for the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which is covering the pair’s quest to ski to the North Pole.

David Hempleman-Adams, 41, is trying to become the first person to complete the grand slam of adventure challenges: climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents and journeying to all four geographic and magnetic poles.

The North Pole is the only goal Hempleman-Adams has not achieved.

He and Rune Gjeldnes, an elite Norwegian solider, are about half way in their 600-mile trek over the Arctic Ocean to the pole.

The going has been tough, said Uhlig, who remains at a base camp in Resolute and keeps in touch via two-way radio. Unusually warm weather has thrown up great pressure ridges of ice and opened large areas of water.

Last week, Gjeldnes had to pluck Hempleman-Adams from the black, icy sea after the British businessman lost his footing in a snowstorm and crashed through thin ice between two floes. Dry clothes were to be part of the next supply drop.

Although Hempleman-Adams has frostbite on his toes, fingers and face, Uhlig said the pair are not in immediate danger.

Despite the tough conditions, which are limiting the pair to less than five miles a day, Uhlig said they were on schedule to reach the pole May 1.

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