Letter to the editor: Vote for reality, not the DC circus

November 9, 2018

It seems every day we see or hear about a new scandal, accusation, dirty political trick and/or problem in Washington. It also seems like mobs are trying to intimidate our elected officials. We all get caught up in this circus, but should we be concerned?

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the GDP growth rate is at 4.2 percent; unemployment hit a 49-year low of 3.7 percent; tax rates are lower, making paychecks higher; we have better trade agreements for U.S. workers with Mexico, Canada and South Korea; and our retirement assets are growing, with a strong economy and higher stock market. A friend told me business has never been so good for him and his employees. Even Obamacare 2019 premiums are being reduced in Pennsylvania.

Now which should we believe, the circus or the real world? For me it’s the real world. If you agree, vote Republican and keep the team in place who delivered what we’re seeing in the real world. Vote for reality.

Andy Jarabak


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