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Microsoft Allied With Genigraphics

January 15, 1988

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Microsoft Corp. says it will form a joint marketing and development alliance with Genigraphics, a presentation services bureau and manufacturer of slide-production systems.

Under the agreement announced Thursday, the companies will develop a direct link between Microsoft PowerPoint, a desktop presentations program for Apple Macintosh, and Genigraphics color graphics systems.

As a result, Macintosh users will be able to produce high-quality 35mm slides, large-format color transparencies, color prints and other presentation graphics more easily.

The agreement will be implemented in phases.

In April, Genigraphics Network Services Division will introduce a special service offering to PowerPoint customers only. The new service will enable PowerPoint users to produce custom slides that qualify for special pricing and turnaround options by using specific PowerPoint templates.

In the long-run, Genigraphics will be able to read Microsoft PowerPoint files received via modem or disk at its 24 service centers in North America or on other appropriate equipment and to generate slides without re-entering the information. These files will be transmitted from within PowerPoint without the need for additional software.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a desktop presentation program for the Macintosh that lets the user plan, compose and manage complete presentations, including overhead transparencies, 35 mm slides, flip charges, speaker notes and audience handouts.

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