BERLIN (AP) _ Police detained dozens of right-wing extremists who took part in marches in several German cities to commemorate the death of Adolf Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, officials said Wednesday.

Police who broke up the Tuesday night rallies in Berlin, Rostock and a Hamburg suburb detained 36 people and confiscated flags, posters and signs calling Hess a ``martyr of peace.''

Hess committed suicide in Berlin's Spandau prison on Aug. 17, 1987. Contrary to the official version, his family claims the 93-year-old Hess was murdered.

In Berlin, all 26 participants were detained after marching without a permit in the formerly communist eastern part of the capital.

Demonstrators at Barmstedt outside Hamburg went only 500 yards before police ended the event and the extremists fled the city. Ten were later detained.

Some 50 torch-carrying extreme rightists marched along a seaside promenade in Rostock but dispersed when police showed up.

The anniversary of Hess' death became a rallying point for right-wing extremists, but this year's events were minor compared to some in the past.

Meanwhile, Munich police said Wednesday they had broken up a 50-member skinhead gang they say carried out dozens of attacks against foreigners, blacks and homosexuals this year. Two members of the gang were arrested.

Investigation of the gang members continues, police said.