Café Sci event ponders decision making/influencing process

September 27, 2018

Carnegie Science Center will host an event exploring how judgments can be influenced and decisions manipulated in a 7 p.m. Café Sci on Sept. 3.

Carnegie Science Center will offer a free Café Sci event from 7-9 p.m. Monday with Carnegie Mellon University professor Danny Oppenheimer, focusing on decision making and judgment influences.

According to a news release, Oppenheimer, who teaches psychology and decision studies, will share 12 short studies on the above issues.

Oppenheimer’s skills include judgment, decision making, metacognition, learning, and casual reasoning. He applies his findings to domains including charitable giving, consumer behavior, education, and electoral outcomes, the release notes.

Among his publications are “Democracy Despite Itself: Why a system that shouldn’t work at all works so well” and “Psychology: The Comic Book Introduction.”

Foods and drinks will be available for purchase at the Sept. 3 event. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Details/registration: 412-237-3400 or carnegiesciencecenter.org

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