Another 150 Idaho prisoners arrive at Texas prison

October 11, 2018

Just before 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, another 150 Idaho prisoners arrived at a prison in Texas where they will serve at least part of their terms.

The move was part of the planned transport of inmates by the Idaho Department of Correction, due to overcrowding in facilities within Idaho itself. Those 150 male inmates are now at Eagle Pass Correctional Facility in Eagle Pass, Texas, according to a news release from the department. The prison is southwest of San Antonio on the border with Mexico. It means 549 Idaho inmates are now housed in the facility, which the Associated Press reports is managed by the prison company GEO Group, and is leased to the Idaho Department of Correction in its entirety.

The Idaho Department of Correction also houses 151 inmates at the Karnes County Correctional Center in Karnes City, Texas, which is southeast of San Antonio.

Idaho Department of Correction officials have expected to have about 700 prisoners housed in Texas by Nov. 1. That’s due to a lack of prison beds in Idaho — Idaho Department of Correction officials are eying a $500 million prison expansion package to help accommodate the exploding inmate population. A great deal of that money will be used to fund a new 1,500-bed prison in Idaho.

State legislators are still grappling with the proposal, and are also contemplating a reform of Idaho’s laws to help reduce prison populations.

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