Sandy Hook family part of gun-safety talk with Trump

December 18, 2018

WASHINGTON — Scarlett Lewis, whose son, Jesse, was among the 20 children who died six years ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School, was among the six family members of victims of mass shootings to attend a White House meeting Tuesday with President Trump.

Lewis praised the president for his “courage.”

“You really listened,” she said.

Trump released the long-awaited, controversial Federal Commission on School Safety report on school shootings that he ordered after the shooting at a high school in Florida earlier this year.

Her other son, JT, sat across from her in the Roosevelt Room, two seats away from Trump during a round-table discussion. Scarlett Lewis focuses on issues of mental health and early detection of those in school who pose danger to themselves an others.

The report incorporated some of her suggestions to make mental health assistance more commonplace in schools.

The long-awaited report contained recommendations for non-controversial ideas such as Risk Prevention orders, which Connecticut has had on the books since nice 1999.

But it also contained a controversial proposal to permit willing and trained teachers to carry firearms. Gun-violence-prevention advocates have argued armed teachers would heighten tensions inside school walls and make the less safe.

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