Our View: Winter solstice: Brighter days ahead for Havasu adventures

December 22, 2018

Part of the hustle and bustle before Christmas may only be perception. The days, after all, are literally shorter, at least as measured by daylight.

Today’s the winter solstice. It’s called the shortest day of the year but that really means it’s the darkest day. There’s about five hours less sunlight than at June’s summer solstice.

We get how druids and pagans stuck in northern European cave dwellings got pretty sick of the diminishing daylight each year and decided to decorate trees and have a winter party.

For them and for Lake Havasu City, the winter solstice may be dark, but it also means there are literally brighter days ahead.

For this area in particular, it also means the prime season is upon us. For those who sizzle through the summer in the desert, winter is an elusive dream of maybe wearing a sweater, of exploring the area, of comfortable days outdoors.

Maybe the darkest day is the best time to plan for the season, to create what we’ve termed in this space before as the Havasu bucket list?

With all due humility, we suggest the best place to start that list is with a copy of the new “Insider’s Guide” published last month by Today’s News-Herald. It’s a guide geared toward visitors but residents can find literally hundreds of ideas for things to do in and around Lake Havasu City.

Available at free newsracks around town as well as hotels, RV parks and the Visitor Center, “Insider’s Guide” offers information on such things as hiking trails, fishing and boating, recreation facilities and shopping and dining amenities.

We hope it offers some ideas for rounding out the Havasu experience. Even long-time residents probably have a few things left to do and see in this big playground.

Winter offers a sublime experience in the desert. Warm, sunny days invite adventure.

There are lots of lists made and checked twice this time of year. We encourage another one: The list of things to do and see. It’s a gift for yourself.

— Today’s News-Herald

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