Mohave County supervisors to consider switch to electronic time cards

November 20, 2018

Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson wants the county employees to switch from using paper time cards to electronic time cards.

Today, supervisors will discuss whether to upgrade the Munis management software system the county currently uses and implement a time clock through the system. Johnson first brought up the idea in 2013, but supervisors at the time decided to postpone the discussion.

Currently, employees take time every day to report the amount of hours they work each day on a paper form, then give the form to their supervisor every two weeks. The supervisor then has to approve the timesheets and mail them to the county’s finance department, where someone manually has to input everyone’s time into a computer.

Johnson said having an electronic system would save county employees time and money.

“It would save us a lot of man hours and time,” Johnson said. “And after all these years it’s hard to believe that we’re still doing paper entries.”

The county spends $82,000 a year on the Munis system, Johnson said. He said using the electronic time entry within Munis would have to be phased in, as county information technology staff sets up employees’ electronic time cards under their respective department heads.

Mike Hendrix, county manager, said it’s entirely up to supervisors whether they want to go to an electronic system, but there are employees who work remotely instead of out of an office.

Johnson said employees won’t be clocking in or out at specific times. Through the electronic time clock, employees would report the amount of hours they worked each day, similar to the way they do on paper currently.

He said if employees who work remotely fill out paper time cards, they can fill out electronic timecards just the same. They could use their phone, or county-issued laptops or a home computer to report their hours, Johnson said.

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